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After Halloween in S2, Xanders home situation becomes unbearable and even Sunnydales Police can’t continue to turn a blind eye to it anymore. His uncle (Hammond or Jack) is contacted in a last ditch effort to place him with relatives before he’s put in the foster system. He leaves Sunnydale with no further contact to the Scooby’s, as Buffy showed once again how shallow she is and Willow followed her like the sycophant that she is.

Xander is informed that he has to clean his act as he has now a new chance.

He manages to turn his grades around and attends a Airforce Academy (College).

After Basic he is the SGC assigned.


Slash Xander/….?

Categories: Television > Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander Harris

This could go either of several directions:

 1. A wraith is loose in NYC.  Castle, Beckett and crew have to track down a most unusual killer.

 2. Somehow, Castle encounters a piece of ancient tech, and it's found that he has an even stronger manifestation of the gene than Sheppard.  Castle ends up going to Atlantis, with Beckett along to protect/keep him in line.

 3. A combination of the above.

Categories: Television
Characters: None
Summary: Daneils cloned daughter gets dumped on his old foster brother, Timothy MacGee
Categories: Television > Navy: NCIS
Characters: None

One of the things I love about Vathara's Urban Legends universe is the idea that maybe the death of Daniel's parent wasn't as accidental as it seemed.  That maybe they were killed because they were spies. Quoting Sam's observations of Daniel in one of the stories:

"Definite talent for languages. Survival skills that had kept him alive over a year on Abydos, even before Jack had taken him in hand to bring him up to military speed. The ability to negotiate with just about anybody or anything. And an innocent look that wouldn't quit."

So the challenge is...tell us about Daniel's parents the spies.  Bonus points if Daniel follows in not just their archaeological footsteps but as a spy as well.

You choose what the crossover is:

  • Alias
  • Mission Impossible
  • Tom Clancy
  • James Bond
  • MI-5
  • ??? 

Categories: None
Characters: Daniel Jackson

Plot Points:

  • Takes place during the Holloween episode in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Xander dresses up as one of three races:
  1. Terran:Project Trojan/Trojan (Instead of the scientists making the clones have short lives they did the opisit. Giving them the logevity of the Zerg. They don't age.)
  2. Zerg:Infested Medic (Being infested means no ageing.)
  3. Protoss:Rogue Templar (They age a year for every 12 a human agess.)
  • Xander keep the biology, the memories, and the skills of the race he dressed as after the spell ends. But he retains the outward appearance of a human besides superficial changes like height, mucle mass, skin colore, eye colore, etc etc.
  • Has the ability to control any/all of the units that are created from buildings of his race at any given time.
  • A ship of the race you pick apears somere in Sunnydale with it's own cloak. Note ships will be listed at the bottom, with what is on them and what resources they have.
  • Xander should make use of the ship to aid himself in shaping his future. He may use it as a technological base to make money and/or build forces on or a different planet/s/moon/s and/or Earth, or even just take the ship and some friends and go out to explore the universe.
  • Your choice on when Xander meets people from the Stargate Program be it someone from Stargate SG-1 and/or Stargate Atlantis and/orStargate Univers and/or just some alien race that knows Stargate command and introduses hime to them at one point.

Race, ship, units, and resources

  1. Race:Terran Ship:EMT Units:10 GDPs Resources:500 Mierals and 250 Vespis Gass
  2. Race:Zerg Ship:Dark Lord Units:10 Drones Resouces:500 Minerals and 250 Vespis Gass
  3. Race:Protoss Ship:Void Prism Units:10 Architects Resouces:500 Minerals and 250 Vespis Gass

Sites for info on the races and units I have used:


Categories: Television, Video Games, Video Games > Myst
Characters: None
Summary: Daniel uncovers evidence that Xerxes was a Goauld, (cos he called himself a God-King, and he had that deep voice like the Snakeheads on SG1, so maybe?)
Categories: Movies
Characters: Daniel Jackson, George Hammond, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c

Daniel Jackson and Timothy McGee are brothers, either biologically or because Daniel was either adopted or fostered by the McGee family.

McGee has no idea what Daniel does but when he asks for his help he finds out which causes problems between Tim and his team.

NCIS team wants answers about Tim's secret brother but he disappears before he has a chance to tell them anything. They then investigate his disappearance. In reality he's been taken to the SCG so that Daniel can help him with his problem.

The problem has to be believable so the crossover works.

Categories: Television > Navy: NCIS
Characters: Daniel Jackson

NCIS/Stargate Crossover Challenge Premise: There is a Goa'uld on Earth that SG Command doesn't know about. When Tony was a child (7 or 8) he was very ill, dying. While on a vacation with his family, he snuck out one night to go into the woods. He just wants to have some time alone away from people always watching him, when he see's a craft make a very bad landing. Story requirements:

1) The craft is carrying a very, very, very old Goa'uld and his host, the host is dieing and the Goa'uld plans on dieing with his host, he's tired, all of the Goa'uld's from his time are all dead.

2) The Goa'uld jumping into Tony's body when his heart starts to give out, to save Tony's life, thinking he was the one to cause Tony's heart failure.

3) The Goa'uld heals Tony's health problems but Tony doesn't want him to leave him, because of his illness Tony doesn't have any friends, so with the Goa'uld as part of him Tony no longer feels alone.

4) The Goa'uld and Tony get along real well together, the Goa'uld thinks of Tony as the perfect retirement home and he has such fun with Tony's love life.

5) Think of the Goa'uld as a grumpy old man who just wants to enjoy his retirement and doesn't like to be bother, he stays hidden in Tony and doesn't like to take control, he makes Tony do the talking for him.

6) SG1 path crossing that of the Navy NCIS and Teal'c senses the Goa'uld in Tony so they put him under surveillance but he confuses the hell out them when he doesn't act like any Goa'uld they know.

7) The SG1 team trying to get a sample of Tony's blood but keep failing.

8) The Goa'uld only heals Tony when it is absolutely necessary to escape exposure, otherwise he lets Tony heal naturally, which makes SG1 think incorrectly that Tony was recently takenover.The Goa'uld plans on allow Tony to have a normal human life span and when he dies the Goa'uld plans on dieing with him.

9) Tony's Goa'uld can read the Ancient' writing and see's a table that Daniel has and translates it for him.

10) Tony refusing to answer any of SG1's questions unless Sam Carter agrees to go out on a date with him, he doesn't have to hide what he is from her.

11) Tony being a lot smarter than he lets on.

12) Gibbs being okay with the fact that Tony has an alien in him.

13) Anything else you want to add to the story.

Categories: Television > Navy: NCIS
Characters: None
Stargate/X-Men by Aussie Mel [ 0 Responses ]

What if Jack O'Neill was a mutant.

1. Jack must be a mutant. Can either be set when he was a child first coming into his powers or later while he's with SG-1.

2. If its later. Something must happen to make him reveal that he's a mutant to his team.

3.Someone must react negatively. Who is up to you.

4. What Jack's mutation is is also up to you.

Have fun and I hope someone does this.

Categories: Comics, Movies
Characters: Jack O'Neill
Starting Over by SciFiGirl1 [ 0 Responses ]
Summary: Stargate/Buffy Starting Over

Premise: Joyce, Willow's parents and Xander's parents die in the same "accident" and Buffy finds out that her father isn't who she thinks he is.

Story Requirements:

1) Changing the time lines around: Buffy came to Sunnydale during her freshmen year of high school. Also Buffy became a slayer on her 15th birthday.

2) Jack O'Neill coming to Sunnydale to collect the daughter he never knew about but ends up going back to Colorado with four kids instead of one.

3) The gang is still in high school.

4) The last several years of Stargate has never happened, set the story earlier in the series.

5) Buffy refusing to leave behind Dawn when social services can't find Hank.

6) Buffy using her pout & tears to convince Jack to become Willow & Xander's guardian when no other relative can be located to take them.

7) Willow bonding with Sam, Sam finally found someone who actually listens to her when she starts to talk tech and can understand her.

8) Jack & Xander bonding over The Simpson's and twinkies.

9) Dawn developing a crush on Daniel, she can sense that he use to possess a different form (i.e. when he accended).

10) Think up a creative way for Jack to find out about Buffy, Xander & Willow's nighttime activities. For example, Jack is doing laundry and finds the kids cloths caked with a gooey substance and takes it to SGC to have it tested, etc.....

11) Jack having to buy a new house because the current one is to small. Show the humor of house hunting when Jack brings the four kids with him.

12) Jack taking the kids on a fishing trip, again show the humor in it. For example the different styles of fishing the kids employ, for example Buffy catching a fish with her bare hands, Xander using twinkies as bait instead of worms, etc....

13) Jack giving his new "kids" a tour of the less restricted areas of the Mountain, of course they escape from their guide and go exploring on their own.


Secondary storyline: Giles staying in Sunnydale as Faith's Watcher, she lives with him and does not go evil.

She still has issues but Giles is helping her with them.

Mini-Jack is to somehow "think TPTB" end up going to Sunnydale High School and becomes the first member of Faith's new gang/group. Buffy's group is the "Scoobys", think up a name for Faith's group.

Mini-Jack finding his calling in Sunnydale, a place where he can use his knowledge to help save people and keeping the world safe.


If you want to bring Angel into the storyline, three options:

1) Angel died before his relationship with Buffy got to the sex level. After his death he became a whitelighter (borrowing from Charmed) and after Willow moves to Colorado Angel is assign to be her Whitelighter.
2) Angel(us) never was vampire, instead he works at SGC and thats how he's meets Buffy and they start flirting with each other much to Jacks dismay.
3) Angel(us) is a Tok'ra and he meets Buffy at SGC and she starts flirting with him which Jack really hates.

Categories: Television > Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Characters: None